How I moved from Organisation to Harmonisation   👇

1. I was a Creative who couldn't get organised

As a child I had a natural flair for art, but when it came to the practical world of time frames and deadlines… I was lacking.  As I approached high school, even basic projects and assignments opened up layers of creative possibilities which I felt compelled to explore, leaving me without time to deliver what was really asked.

I was a Creative implanted into a very organised family, and I didn’t fit.  In other people’s minds I created messes, but for me, they were possibilities. My mother called me a procrastinator.  I didn’t move fast enough.  I wasn’t ready on time.  I didn’t get on with the work that was required.

Many people believe that Creatives just cannot get organised!

Yet, you would know there are times you have magical insights that are not worth giving up… for the sake of being organised.

Since childhood, I have searched for answers to this problem, and most likely as you have, I stumbled through periods of organisation, only to be swallowed yet again into a creative frenzy.

Through primary school, high school, tertiary studies and beyond, I tried and failed.  I started reading books on the subject. I attended seminars and workshops. No matter how I experimented, nothing had lasting effects.

One day, as I perused my bookshelves, I counted 24 books on the subject.  Although there were many realisations and ideas collected there, it had started to seem like everything I read, I had already tried.

I had to acknowledge, I still couldn’t get organised like some people could.

Then… One day I had an idea! I decided to try creating my own Colour System.  After a while, I called it Colour Thesis, as I connected up all the best ideas I had gleaned from 30 years of disorganisation.  It started to make sense to me, and I could see the bigger picture, but there was still a long way to go.


2. The Turning Point for Me

Years passed, and as a single mother of two children, I found myself in hospital with a broken ankle.  I remember the heavy feeling of ringing up all my clients and casual jobs, letting them know I would be out of action for a considerable time.  Everything I did to earn money required that I be on my feet.

I was lucky my organised mother could help look after us (my children and me).  While she was with us, my mother took it as a time to help me get organised. It was, of course, a bit of a struggle with “her way” versus “my way”, but it was a time of regrouping and revisiting things I hadn’t looked at in a long time, and her care was so wonderful.  At that stage, finances were my major concern, and my mother is the best person with money!  As I started to walk again, my finances were definitely looking healthier! 

With renewed strength, as I got back on my feet, I went back to my Colour System that I had put aside since my last house move, thinking I was getting somewhere. As my mother saw me struggling through it again, and asking her all sorts of questions about how one gets “organised” (after all she had seen me struggle with this for so long when it all came so naturally to her), she said,

“Let’s face it, Jack, you’re never going to be organised!”

That really stopped me in my tracks. I felt rather sad and hurt and wondered if that could be true. Truly, it felt like my heart had turned into a little black cloud.

Luckily I had plenty of experience in going against what my mother advised, and instead of collapsing, I was renewed with a sense of vigour, which admittedly may have been bordering on a crazed obsession. I so wanted to be organised. But I couldn’t understand why I was so attracted to “doing things the hard way”, as others put it.  I carried on moving between doubt and obsession, sometimes wondering which set of creative activities I would need to give up first (there were so many to choose from!).

I was holding many casual jobs at the time, including cleaning and organising for other people (yes, really!), and studying Building Biology (I was always doing courses), thinking I would do a turn-around in career direction. Helping people with healthier homes seemed ideal and central to my interests, and I had often directed people to the importance of the home in health anyway. Unfortunately, I had started to see that auditing people’s spaces wasn’t such a joyous process, as the focus was finding problems in their living places. No matter how I approached it, I couldn’t find a pleasant way to audit.  Besides, I was way too detailed in my approach.

Around that time I was on the internet and I happened to stumble across an amazing person.  Marie Kondo with her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying. Even the title was wonderful!  I was determined to not buy the book (as I had just been in the process of getting rid of as many of my books I could part with), so I diligently looked it up at the library to put it on hold.  Yay, the local regional libraries had a few copies…

But I when I put that book on hold I found I was 72nd in line!  I had never been more than 2nd in line for a book before! I worked out it could be 2 years before I got the book through the library system, and surely it would be falling apart by then! As I got back online and watched this gentle and serene Japanese lady talking about tidying from such a unique perspective, I thought, she has the secret I need.  I knew I had to get that book ASAP!

3. But what was she doing that was so ... magical?

What was Marie Kondo doing that I didn’t already know?  Well I was going to find out! I rushed out and bought the book and read it within a couple of days.

She certainly folded things well… and my already neat folding went up an extra notch. I had for some reason always been good at putting things away, IF I put them away… (and I’ll share with you later the interesting observation my mother made between my twin sister and me).

She certainly was good at getting rid of things.  I had already become cognisant of my inability to discard. For me, there were so many possibilities for things… I would have to work on this one.

I loved her quirky style and almost nonchalant attitude to paperwork!  Aaaargh… my paperwork!  Could I really just… throw it all away???

And what about the kitchen?  She virtually skipped what I thought were some pretty vital aspects in that department…

Nevertheless, I loved the way she personified everything. Some people don’t relate to this part of her style, but I loved her for this.  It was the quirkiest and most endearing part of the whole book for me.

The biggest hurdle was this thing she did when she would decide what to keep and what to discard. Marie Kondo would magically wave her hand along the garment/book/item in consideration and then voila! She knew if it sparked joy. If it sparked joy she would know to keep it.

But what was that?  Was that really a thing??

I tried it. I did it. I did it again. It worked! I approached all my clothes (starting with my tops) and did the magical hand-waving thing.  At first, I had doubts but it really worked!  How?  It was so simple and magical. This to me was the big central secret to all that Marie Kondo did, and I just had to know what it was. There had to be some sort of an explanation!  Outside of “sparking joy” there was none.

I took the idea to some clients and had them do it to their clothes.  I would get them to get out their scarves (most of my clients had too many scarves).  “Just try it on a small sample of things” I would say. Now go through and do this magical Marie Kondo, thing… don’t think, just feel and you will just know!! I’d say.

When there were doubts, I’d say just do it again.

And I would sit back and watch.  What was happening, I asked myself. But what was happening???

At first, it seemed a little strange and uncertain, and interestingly when they would go back and do it again, their choices were either very similar, or now they could feel their choices were better. You could see and feel the satisfaction and knew it was right.

Once anyone got into the swing of it, it just started happening. It worked. You could tell they had made the right decision. What were they doing?

According to Marie Kondo, They were choosing what sparked joy!

4. Don't get Organised, just get Harmonised!

Months went by pondering this… spark joy. What sparks joy?

Throughout my childhood I had come across the concept of using both the head and the heart to make decisions.  Because I seemed bright at school, and I considered myself a reasonably kind person, I had thought I was pretty good at balancing the head and the heart.

I had also come across the concept of “overthinking” things, (well that is what I had done at times!)  One of my key reactions when in fear was to freeze. When we freeze, that’s just about the body, but the head is going a hundred miles per hour.  When unsure of what to do, I would physically freeze and go into mental overdrive.

Then there was the understanding that sometimes we just have to choose from the heart.  But choosing with the heart was something you did for difficult situations.  Like when someone was sick.  Or when there was a crisis. Logically, it wasn’t the right thing to do from a number of perspectives, but from the heart, it was the right thing to do.

As I pondered these perspectives, I suddenly recognised that Marie Kondo was choosing with the heart in an area I had always intellectualised.

She was choosing with the heart for everyday stuff!

Why didn’t I see it sooner? Following my heart, all the time as a child was a no-no. Decisions had to be logical most of the time.  It was important not to go with the heart when there were practical decisions to be made.  That was why I gave up art in year 10 to do sciences.  My mother had said I needed to get a job where I could support myself.

The missing link of my colour system came to me.  It was truly amazing.  The heart is the centre, and choices naturally flow from the heart.  We choose with the heart whether we’re aware of it or not. If your heart is blocked, that is still where you’re choosing from.

No matter which way I looked at it everything came together. I revisited so many things I had learned and compared.  Even when the heart wasn’t mentioned, the writers who inspired me were truly alluding to that.

Even marketers have known this all along. We’re being pulled by the heartstrings to buy, and then we supply “logical” reasons with the mind. It all made sense.  When you’ve decided through the heart that you’re going to buy, you then make up a lot of logical reasons as to why you’re doing it.

All that time I had spent trying to strike a balance between the head and the heart and the answer was in the heart all along!

Now as I applied this to my colour system I could see, the solution was not to get organised, it was to get harmonised, with the heart at the centre!


5. The Discovery becomes the new Centre!

It seemed way too simple to be true.  However, this magical discovery has not let me down once in the 4 years since that discovery. Every month I just get more confident in it.  When I take the perspective of the heart, it all makes so much sense.  On top of that, this perspective has been affirmed and reaffirmed from so many sources! My world opened up and I found so many others who believe this as well.

So from the heart… the central harmonising field within us all, we only have to listen to it, feel into it, and pace ourselves with the practical knowing that emanates…

With a big shift of consciousness, actively working from the heart, everything changed. All that I had read and done until then was reassessed… or rather, realigned.

One of the biggest changes that made such a big difference was the name.  For 5 years I had been calling my system, Colour Thesis. That was the system before it had a heart.  I knew this name wasn’t right, and so guided by a mentor, I brainstormed for a name, and that became Colour Orchestree.

Colour Orchestree, works with Inner Mapping and Tracking tools that support, nurture, maintain and extend your creativity… with you in the driver’s seat, in the heart which is where you want to be!  Where you’ve been trained through life to get rational about it, you’re now redirected back to the heart, which is where you started. You’re now the conductor. This type of awareness leads to much more aligned decisions and more confidence in all the places you show up. 

I truly hope I can offer you some beautiful how to’s with this new system of not getting organised, but getting harmonised!

Love and Blessings,


PS As usual, my mother is always right!

Hi, I’m Jacine!

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I have designed… not an organiser or planner, but a tool and a process that helps me combine my creative and practical sides, and I call it Colour Orchestree.  It allows me to be more centred while I plan, create, prioritise and work, and I would love to share it with you.

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