Undo Your To-Do List Challenge

15 minutes a day for 30 days

Starting February 11 !

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Hi, I’m Jacine Rilea, and I’d love to help you unravel some knots!

Are you a creative person overwhelmed by your to-do lists? Are you getting caught up in other people’s agendas?

So many of us struggle with deciding what to do next, how to prioritise it, and fitting it into our busy schedules.

Whether your overwhelm is due to the friction of indecision, self-doubt, feeling unclear on your purpose, or simply a lack of fun… I’ll help you turn mundane time into creative time.

For many years I’ve been searching for ways to stay on top of practicalities while expanding my creativity.

Despite popular belief, Creativity and Organisation are not mutually exclusive… I’ll share some of my discoveries on this challenge!

Can Creativity and Organisation really be Harmonised?

We’ll find what really fits in with your purpose, and how to prioritise your processes around that.

Each day of the challenge, you’ll receive an email with a link to a short video containing an inner prompt. You’ll then have a quick inner realignment exercise, and the opportunity to share with like-minded others in the Facebook Group.

The realignment exercises are usually quick, easy, fun, creative, and sometimes a little bit challenging!


➤ Do the 30 Day Challenge that gives you more Creative Time ➤

  • Find more Creativity
  • Add more Colour in your Life
  • Decide with more Confidence
  • Get more clarity on your Purpose
  • Make your ordinary routines and schedules Fun!

Find just 15 minutes per day!

I will guide you through some fun and focussed activities that will transform your perspective about work and help you find more creative time!


What can you achieve with just 15 minutes a day?


Would love to see you there!